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A Wildland is an area that is found in the surrounding areas of a city that contain resources and non-player legends that can challenge players without having to go to war against another player. In addition, these areas can contain resources and treasures which can help a player build up the city much faster than if the wildlands are ignored.

Each kind of wildland has unique attributes and abilities, giving a special bonus to a city and the legends that interact with those areas. In addition, each wildland also has a "level" that indicates the relative strength of the armies that are in those areas, letting players know how powerful of an army that they need before entering into that wildland. The wildland levels of flat grounds, lakes, forests, hills, and mountains can change from time to time. They do this around 07:05 GMT/BST (Server time). For example, a level 1 lake on one day could become a level 5 lake the next day. Make sure you don't send troops at the wrong time, else you might suddenly be facing a gigantic army and lose all your units.

Wildlands may contain treasure, to learn more see main articles, Wildlands/Drop Table and Wildlands/List of Possible Drops .

Wildland types

Image Wildland Summary
File:Wild flat.gif Flat Ground Useful for building a new city, but contains Gold when searching
File:Wild lake.gif Lake Contains Food resources
File:Wild forest.gif Forest Contains Wood resources
File:Wild hill.gif Hill Contains Copper resources
File:Wild mount.gif Mountain Contains Stone resources
File:Wild paradise.gif Paradise Provides a special training area for legends and their armies

Wildland troops

Below is the possible combinations of the type and enemies at a particular wildland. It is important to spy on the wildland first before attacking it to avoid fighting with unwanted enemies. Most people will prefer not to fight the wildlands with archers unless they planned the right strategy to do so.

Higher level wildlands can have a variety of different NPC set ups. You should try to spy on them first, and find the ones with the fewest number of archers.

Level Legends Halberdiers Swordmen Archers Charioteers
0 1 40 - - -
1 1 90 45 - -
2 1 180 90 - -
3 2 320 160 160 -
4 2 500 250 250 -
5 3 720 360 360 144
6 3 1200 600 600 240
7 4 1920 960 960 384
8 4 2880 1440 1440 576
9 5 3750 1875 1875 750
10 5 4500 2250 2250 900

When attacking a Wildland, some experience is granted as long as you kill some enemy troops, however reputation is only granted upon victory.

The table below shows the amount of experience and the maximum amount of reputation you can receive from a Wildland. To receive the maximum amount of reputation, you must send no more archers than is listed; sending twice the listed number will earn you half the listed rep, and so on.

Wildland Rewards (for charts please see main article)

Level XP Earned Max Rep


Bonus Resources
0 100 40 20 0% 500
1 225 90 45 5% 1,000
2 450 180 90 7% 2,000
3 1760 640 320 9% 4,000
4 2750 1000 500 11% 7,500
5 5400 2160 1080 13% 12,000
6 9000 3600 1800 15% 18,000
7 19200 7680 3500 17% 25,000
8 28800 11520 5760 19% 32,000
9 46875 18750 9375 21% 41,000
10 81900 22500 11250 23%



Please Note: The level of the wildland goes down by one at midnight GMT when occupied.

You may chose to occupy a wildland. If the wildland is not a flat ground tile, you will receive a certain % bonus for resources based off your basic resource output. You may occupy a wildland that another player has successfully invaded but not occupied. Likewise, an alliance can help its members by "clearing out" a higher level wildland than a newer player wouldn't be able to on their own. To occupy more wildlands, you need to increase your palace level or earning a higher official position.

You may dispatch troops to a wildland you own to help defend it. You can also dispatch troops to any wildland that a member of your alliance holds. However, since wildland battles are extremely rare, most people leave their occupied wildlands unguarded. You are more likely to lose a sub-city in battle than a wildland. This is because:

  • In most cases there are good wildlands not far from anyone's city
  • Wildlands lose one level per day
  • Invading a wildland may result in being counter-invaded

However, there is a remote chance that a low-levelled player may take a high levelled wildland you own if it's unguarded and he can't get that level of wildland himself. In any case, it may be better to simply take another wildland, and let that player grow, rather than invading him.

Recommended use

Wildlands are the preferred form of gaining reputation, XP's and treasure until your legends become strong enough to do the Special Paradise. This generally means people train on wildlands from the time they can wield archers to the time that one of their legends reaches about level 80. Mid-to-to-higher level players (those with at about 7,500,000+ rep) are recommended to avoid training on wildlands, as the drops from the level 4 Special Paradise are a lot better than wildlands, plus there is more XP gain and more rep gain. Nevertheless, high-levelled players may still occupy wildlands if they're running low on resources and need a production bonus.


  • Once you get a Garrison of level 10 or higher, it's recommended to use Archers for invading wildlands, as they can one-hit troops from a distance, meaning you can kill enemy troops without losing any of your own. If your legend has low Courage, you'll need to use roughly a 2:1 ratio of archers:halberdiers, 4:1 archers:swordsmen, 10:1 archers:charioteers. High courage legends or the use of Hail Saph.will lower these ratios somewhat.
  • Until you get a Vital Rune or other increaser artifact, try to avoid attacking wildlands that contain large numbers of archers, as those will cost you troops. SSpying on wildlands before attacking them is generally a good idea to verify this. Once you have an increaser artifact, attacking wildlands with archers is OK if the legend with archers isn't the last one on the list.
  • It's also generally a good idea to invade the highest level wildland you can reliably one-hit-kill with your archers, as that will yield the most loot, XP, and resources.
  • If you want to occupy wildlands (for resource output, searching, exploration, etc), it's best to invade them first, then send a low-level legend in to occupy them. If you're going to be offline for several hours (i.e. for sleep, work, leisure, etc), don't forget to explore any wildlands you recently occupied for as long as you can, as that can sometimes yield treasure.