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Administrators' are wiki users who have certain abilities that normal wiki users don't. These include:

  • Renaming pages (beyond the maximum of 3 per day)
  • Deleting pages
  • Banning users
  • Protecting pages
  • Editing protected pages
  • Changing the design (CSS and wiki theme) and menu structure of the wiki (interface admins only)

List of admins

Currently, there are 5 admins on War of Myths:

Glflegolas Talk to him

Glflegolas is one of the earliers contributors to the wiki, having helped design much of it. He used to play War of Legends on Black Dragon, and was a member of the Legendary Phoenix, Arcadian Ice, and Dawn alliances at various times. He's also fairly active on the Lord of the Rings Minecraft Mod wiki, and occasionally edits Wikipedia under the name "NSEasternShoreChemist". He's also a very successful chemist and enjoys working/traveling outdoors, along with keeping an eye on hurricanes, but is unfortunately incapable of distinguishing green and orange, due to being colourblind.