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Here is a list of items that we are planning to do or have done for WOM.

  1. Fully English UI client
  2. Balancing Patches
  3. Drop Rate Mapping
  4. New Player Balancing
    1. How to let the old player base and new player base interact with each other harmoniously?
    2. To what extent would be classify something as bullying vs regular game play?
    3. What safety nets should we offer?
  5. HTML Client
    1. Flash is dead
  6. Artwork Replacement (2D/3D)
  7. New logo for the game

Balance Patches

Balancing patches are divided into three types: Quality of Life (QoL), Economy (Econ), Progression (Pro) Please direct discussion to talk page.

Quality of Life

QoL#1 Reflect Mechanic

Proposal 1: Perfect pot roll for 1-100 level for regular legends at the cost of increase exp rate.

Proposal 2: Changing the uniform distribution for pot to a distribution that is more favorable to the player (Poisson Distribution).

Proposal 3: Leave Reflections as it and let enlightenment be the fail safe. As GP (WOL cash) is more easily obtainable, the need for getting free enlightenment reduces.


Econ #1 Market Buyback

Proposal 1. Allow the store to buy back all junk from the player. The store serves as the alch price for all item.

Econ #2 Shop Modification

Proposal 1. Store price balancing and removal items for store. The store serves as seller of last resort for items that are critical for progression to counteract bad RNG, but player based market will be primary source of trading.

Econ #3 Armor Repair

Proposal 1. Modification of armor repair cost in GP to be reasonable.


Pro#1 Drop rate Modification

Proposal 1. Modification of drop rate to ensure that a drops are accessible for progression. (No player is market/shop dependent)

Pro#2 Legend Power Increase

Proposal 1. Allow Regular and True Legend to level up to 200

  1. Regular legends exp to level up is lvl ^2 * Max (1, 1+(lvl-59)/10)
  2. True legends exp to level up is lvl ^3

Pro#3 Equipment Variety

Proposal 1. Introduce white/green/blue/purple (welfare) equipment and make them accessible for players

Pro#4 Equipment Power Increase

Proposal 1. Allow Equipment to go up to level 20

Server Road Map

Alpha Release (Dev Servers)

Starting Date: Late January ~ Early February (ish)

Fully English UI

Balance patches will be applied and different variations will be tested over time.

In game progress are not persistent and may be reset any time.

Server maintenance may not be announced in advance.

Items will be spawned by GM to aid testing.

Beta Release (Open Servers)

Starting Date: TBA

HTML5 Client

Balance patches will be finalized.

In game progress are persistent .

Server maintenance will be announced.

Items will not be spawned by GM unless it is to fix a bug.