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File:Unlocking outskirts.png
Unlocking more outskirts at various Palace levels.

Resources are an essential part to playing War of Legends. These are the raw materials that allow players to grow and develop their empire. The level of the Palace determines the number of resource plots (called Outskirts) available to players. At level 1, 8 plots are available for resource gathering. At level 20, there are a total of 33 resource plots. If a player wanted an equal amount of each resource, they would have 8 of each plot with 1 remaining. The more plots, the easier it is to build. Food and wood are the two most important resources so it would be good to have a lot of croplands and timber mills in your city.

Types of resources

Resources are basically the following items:

Outskirt Resource Details
Cropland Food Food Provides resources to keep the population and armies well fed.
Timber mill Wood Wood Essential resource for construction.
Quarry Stone Stone Useful for building defensive structures.
Copper mine Copper Copper Vital resource for making weapons for troops.
Village Gold Gold The medium of exchange to trade other resources, and a vital resource by itself as well.


The maximum capacity for all resources is 2,147,483,647.