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Legends can be thought of as Non-Player Characters (NPCs) with several functions, the predominant being leading armies into combat. Legends also serve as the governors of cities, contributing enhancements to city activities according to their individual characteristics.


There are three basic types, (Orders), of legends: Warriors, Seers, and Monks; each type determining the starting distribution of attribute points and limitations on armor use:

  • Warriors start with higher attacking values (high courage or crg.)
  • Seers with higher defensive values (high strategy or strt.)
  • monks, high magical capacity (high magic or mag.)


Depending on a player's style and the exact legend they're using, the precise characteristics of each order of legend can vary quite a bit, but in general, seers will rely on sheer numbers of troops to win, while warriors will have fewer troops, but their troops deal more damage than those of the seer. Monks' armies can't overwhelm with numbers, and their troops' attack is not nearly as strong as that of the warrior, so a monk's effectiveness in combat is heavily dependent on the strength of the artifacts it's wielding.

True Legends and Ascended Legends

The update of November 2010 introduced an additional class of legends, True legends. Regular legends can be converted into True legends, gaining power and other type-specific enhancements, through a process called soaring. In July 2011, the update to v1.4 introduced the third class of legends - god, or Deity, class. The process for converting true legends to the next class (ascending) is the implementation of the Chinese version's double soaring. To soar a 30 Ab. legend or lower you will need a True Token. To soar a 30+ Ab. legend you will need an Adv. True Tkn.

Famous legends

In addition to the player's namesake legend, there are a host of named legends, Famous Legends, with pre-determined characteristics and, sometimes, unique features. These legends can't be recruited from the player's legend sanctuary and have to be obtained through combat in Buzhou Mountain, Special Paradises, Wildlands, Famous cities, or through Quests.


  • For most player vs. environment combat, use seers with most of their potential points allocated to strategy. In the early game, seers should generally command archers, but once they become true legends, switch them over to charioteers. Seers' troops are very strong on defense, so all they need to do in most player vs. environment combat is stay alive, while your legend slowly takes down the NPC's troops using artifacts.
  • Monks are good reducer legends. Put most of their potential points into magic, and use them as 1 archer reducers with strong artifacts to cut down enemy troops to numbers your seers can handle. You can also use them as governors, which will help increase resource output. Monks are also good at using magic cards, which can help weaken enemy cities.
  • If you're planning on doing a lot of player vs. player combat, don't forget about your warrriors, and allocate most of their points to courage. Their armies aren't the biggest, but a strong warrior with lots of victory gems can completely overwhelm even the best seer. To take advantage of warriors' strength in combat, use them with archers. Good artifacts can help warriors, but are less important than for other classes of legend.