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Items are things that can be found, made, or traded for while playing War of Myths. There are many different types of items, each with their own particular uses. Many items can be "used"; to do so, left-click on the item and hit "use". They can also be "recovered" for credits, which can be used in the shop for purchasing other items.


Aid items are generally required for accomplishing a particular task in-game. Examples of these include the Fated Wind, for moving a city around, the Farsight for finding out an enemy player's cities' coordinates, the Parley for activating peace mode, many magic cards which can hinder an enemy player's city, and more.


These items generally help increase resource output for either 24 hours or 7 days, depending on the item.


Treasure items generally contain other items when opened. They are the only way to obtain equipment, other than trading for it with another player.


Task items are generally required for completing quests. These items can generally be obtained from combat, or from doing other quests.


These items can be equipped on Legends, and help increase their stats in combat. This category also includes magical artifacts, which can provide all sorts of buffs during combat.


Jewelry is most often used for Aspiration tasks, as well as for giving to legends to increase their loyalty.


These items can be added to equipment to increase its stats.