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This is a guide intended for players who have never played War of Legends before and are entirely new to the MMORTS genre of games.

Getting an Account

In order to get an account, you will have to register on the War of Myths Forums, then contact the owner (Asdf111) via direct message with your desired username and password. Once your account is active, head to War of Myths, enter your username and password, and click the blue button in the centre of the screen to login.

Note: When this game is fully released, the registration system will be greatly improved. Currently, this game requires Flash to run, which is most easily done on the Pale Moon browser. Follow the instructions in this thread in order to set up Flash.

Founding a City

Once you've created your account, the next step will be choosing whether you want a male or female ruler. This has no effect on gameplay and is entirely cosmetic,

You will then get the opportunity to choose which order of legend your Namesake (starting legend) should be. You can choose either:

  • Warrior -- emphasis on training troops and leading armies with strong attack.
  • Seer -- emphasis on technology research and leading very large armies with strong defense.
  • Monk -- emphasis on resource production and wielding powerful magical weapons.

You will get many more legends throughout your gameplay, so which one you choose here doesn't really matter too much. Currently your Namesake is the only legend that can achieve 60AB (Ability Points).

Finally, you'll get to choose which "District" you want to found your first city in. These are the 16 generalized areas on the map, each one has access to Special Paradises, Wildlands, and Famous Cities. Exactly where you wish to go is entirely up to you, although living/starting near the edges of the map may make you slightly less likely to be attacked by other players. Later on, you can move your city somewhere else using a Fated Wind or Divine Wind, if necessary. If you're new to the game, or just need a refresher, I highly recommend following the tutorial tasks and the following beginner tasks. Not only will this walk you through the basics of city management and troop deployment, but by completing these tasks you'll be rewarded with reputation, resources and various useful items.

The Inventory

On the top-right corner of the screen, you will find a button that looks like a scroll. Click it and you'll open your inventory. There are several tabs listed in this screen:

  • Accelerate -- these items will speed up building/research
  • Aid -- these items will enable you to perform various tasks
  • Production -- these items will increase your resource output, or contain resources
  • Treasure -- these items will either contain other items or enable you to get a famous legend
  • Equipment -- these items can be equipped to your legends to help improve their combat ability
  • Task -- these items are used in quests
  • Jewelry -- these items can be given to legends to increase their loyalty, or used to improve your in-game rank
  • Forging -- these items are useful for modifying armour

Many items in the inventory can be "used" directly. To do so, left-click on them, and click the green "use" button. If an item can't be used directly from the inventory, it may need to be used from the relevant menu or via a task.

Producing Resources

Early on in the game, the one factor that will be limiting your development the most will be resources. The most common resource you'll need lots of in the early game is wood. Food will become very important in the later game in order to feed your troops, while copper is important for building more troops. Stone is most useful for building and maintaining ramparts.

To get your resource production underway, head over to the city's outskirts (middle button, top centre of screen) and click on an empty plot. At this stage of the game, it's suggested you build the following:

  • 2-3 timber mills
  • 1 copper mine
  • 1 quarry
  • Rest cropland

It is recommended you upgrade these buildings to level 2.

Getting People

With your resource production started, head back into the city itself. Click on an empty plot of land, and select the village from the list of buildings. It's a good idea to build approximately 5-6 villages off the bat, and upgrade these to level 2. Where exactly you build them is entirely up to you.

Completing tasks

Next to the Inventory button on the top right of the screen is the Tasks menu. You will want to open this up to the "Novice" tab. If you've met the requirements for a task, it'll appear at the top of the list of tasks with a checkmark next to its name. Click the button on the bottom-right of the tasks window to get a reward. Depending on the task, this reward may give you an item or resources. In general, you will want to complete as many of the Novice tasks as possible, as these will give you rewards that'll help you advance.

Joining an alliance

If you've made agreements with other players on the game's Discord server or elsewhere, you may wish to create an Ally Base. To do so, click on an empty plot in your city, and select the Ally Base from the list of possible buildings. This will take some time to build, so be patient. Once you've built the ally base, find your friends' alliance name, and click "join". At this stage of the game, the greatest benefit is of being part of an alliance is that your friends can send you resources, which can greatly help your progress.