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Famous City Famous cities are large cities with high population, specialised troops, higher levels of buildings and skills, and lead by famous legends.

Famous cities can be captured by players, but capturing may require the help of an alliance. Once captured, players have the ability to research skills beyond the usual maximum of level 20. Once researched, players retain the skill levels even if they no longer own the famous city. The maximum level of building upgrades are also higher than usual maximum of level 20. This allows players to train specialised troops such as expert troops, master troops, and skilled troops. Note that famous cities do not require advanced sketches to upgrade buildings beyond level 20, which is only required for upgrading resources buildings in cities and famous cities. Players can also capture a famous city held by another player, in a fashion similar to any other PvP combat.

In each city, a famous legend can be recruited at the legend sanctuary. However, recruitment is based on chance, and the chances of recruiting them is reported to be low<ref name="famouslegend">War of Legends Forums - Famous legends</ref>. However, it is said that the higher the level of the legend sanctuary is in the famous city, the higher the chances are of acquiring the famous legend<ref name="famouslegend" />.


There are three factions who owned famous cities: Shang, Zhou, and the Barbarians. Each of these has a different aspect in which they are superior. Shang is the best in terms of infrastructure, Zhou is best in terms of the strength of troops, and the Barbarians are best in terms of having troops with above average stats and fast training speed<ref>War of Legends Forums - All about Famous Cities </ref>. There are 72 Famous Cities on total, with 24 in each faction.

Faction Icon Owner City flag Symbol on map Maximum level Troops Advantages
Shang Shang famous city Dixin S Shang famous city symbol
30 Skilled troops
High levels of buildings and skills research
Zhou Zhou famous city Jifa Z Shang famous city symbol
25 Master troops
Very strong troops
Barbarians Barbarian famous city Kuafu B Barbarian famous city symbol
25 Expert troops
Troops with above average stats and fast training speed

List of famous cities

The following is a list of famous cities based on factions, with their respective coordinates and famous legends:

City name Coordinates Famous legend
Xianchi County 266,148 Li De
Feng County 277,152 Han Zhixian
Fengyun County 284,311 Guo Chen
Li City 286,90 Chen Qi
Xuandu County 288,250 Han Sheng
Boshui County 303,329 Jin Guang Sheng Mu
Li County 311,184 Cai Yun
Biyun County 314,135 Yu Hualong
Baishi County 322,268 Han Bian
Hekui County 327,378 Dong Zhong
Jiangyang County 331,310 Bai Li
Huaiyi County 350,420 Yao Bin
Mi County 351,200 Huang Geng
Juqiao 335,226 Gao Jineng
Hualai County 371,250 Sun Liang
Huaifang County 385,334 Wang Bian
Ying County 393,147 Jin Su
Lu City 411,214 Ji Li
Wuyun County 412,277 Qin Wan
Donghai Town 420,169 Yu Qing
Bodu County 444,262 Zhao Jiang
Hongde County 477,178 Dong Quan
Yuanjiang County 484,299 Zhang Shao
Wuxing Mountain 491,260 Yuan Jiao
City name Coordinates Famous legend
Gu County 43,197 Jiang Xiong
Bogu County 55,102 Zheng Lun
Jinfu County 83,389 Master Pu Xian
Hekui County 86,274 The sage of Taiyi
Yima County 108,331 Qing Xu
Gugang County 131,186 Jinzha
Panxi County 132,392 Cui Ying
Tianluo County 145,253 Chi Jing Zi
Jiadong County 149,303 Chong Heihu
Guzhu 152,136 Huang Zhen
Feng County 161,124 Ji Shukun
Wugang Town 187,426 Guang Chengzi
Gongfang County 195,273 Ju Liusun
Chengfang County 196,329 Ci Hang
Tianyao County 197,229 Muzha
Zhenze County 220,191 Tianxiang
Tiande County 221,402 Master Manjushri
Qingfeng County 230,270 Wen Pin
Tiangeng County 242,455 Master Yu Ding
Puhua County 245,360 Tu Xingsun
Liuhe County 266,319 Daoxing Tianzun
Tianfeng County 269,218 Master of Ling Bao
Yan County 277,415 Deng Chanyu
Daizong County 296,471 Deng Jiugong
City name Coordinates Famous legend
Geng County 33,103 Ao Guang
Lianyun City 34,196 Ao Shun
Qingyuan County 51,310 Wang Jiao
Qianyuan City 58,145 Aoquin
Guigong County 58,244 Fang Gui
Qiangfang County 75,110 Ao Bing
Yu County 192,103 Jin Dasheng
Huairui County 331,461 Wen Liang
Tu County 339,81 Ao Run
Youli County 350,109 Gao Jue
Tianxi County 356,372 Zhu Zhao
Huagai County 368,283 Li Xingba
Shouyang Mountain 379,437 Gao Tiqian
Yisi County 400,400 Liu Huan
Shaqiu 403,109 Darley
Li City 412,63 Gao Ming
Cuipingshan County 424,326 Wang Mo
Jiulong County 433,129 Gou Zhang
Jinji Mountain 440,398 Yang Sen
Hefang County 458,358 Ma Shan
Juelong Mountain 460,209 Bi Huan
Wugu County 469,105 Gao Zhen
Qianyuanshan County 479,81 Pang Hong
Wulong County 491,104 Liu Fu

Duplicates and missing cities

There are several duplicate names among the famous cities:

  1. Feng County: Shang [277,152] and Zhou [161,124]
  2. Hekui County: Shang [327,378] and Zhou [86,274]
  3. Li City: Shang [286,90] and Barbarians [412,63]

There were also several cities missing on the map which can be found in the minimap. These cities were missing in the earlier servers, but not in newer servers. These cities were introduced into the servers that were missing them on 7 June 2010<ref>War of Legends Forums - Announcements - Patch Notes 7/6/10</ref>. The following is a list of the famous cities that were missing:

  1. Li County: Shang [311,184]
  2. Liuhe County: Zhou [266,319]
  3. Tianfeng County: Zhou [269,218]

All three factions, ZhouShang and Barbarians, have a city listed within Ranks list for cities. The city owners can be farsighted and the co-ords show the cities exist off the boundaries of the visible map. Within Farsight report - these cities are listed as 'Main city' and only city of the owner.

  City Name     Owner     co-ords     Population  
Nanpeng Kuafu 502,502 62,396
Xiqi Jifa 501,501 1,000,000
Zhaoge Dixin 503,503 1,000,000

Population of 1,000,000 is not actually possible in any city, as the highest possible maximum population for a non Famous city is 301,140, a city with only level 30 villages and nothing else.



Taking over a famous city

As you progress, you will soon notice that you can take on a famous city. There are three type of famous city in War of Legends: Shang, Zhou, and Barbarians. Each famous city have a certain strength and weakness.


As such, Shang's troops have the most defense out of all the cities primary because of the level thirty ramparts. Zhou's troops are the best of the best, they have the highest attack and defense (excluding ramparts) out of the all the cities. Barbarian's troops are more focused on offensive skills than defensive.

Choosing a city

When you made up your mind that you are going to fight a famous city, you have to choose a Shang, Zhou, or Barbarian city you want to fight. Generally, The easiest famous city is Barbarain because expert troops are lacking in defense and their ramparts are level twenty-five. However, expert troops have high attack and can make up for the low defense. The second hardest is Shang's famous city because they have skilled troops with extremely high defense and a level thirty rampart. However, they are lacking in attack power but their defense make up for their attack. The hardest famous city is Zhou because master troops are stronger variation of skilled and expert combined as one. In Addition, Zhou has a level twenty-five ramparts which gives a boost in the troops defense.

What to bring

Having a high leveled legend will come in handy in fighting famous cities. This is a example of a list of legend you should bring. (This is a example, it does not mean you have to have these legends).

  • High Courage (150+) and at least (level 70+) with Archers
  • High Courage (120+) and at least (level 50+) with Halberdier
  • High Strategy (120+) and at least (level 50+) with Charioteers
  • High Courage or Strategy (120+) and at least (level 50+) with either Archers, Halberdiers, or Charioteers.
  • Magic (70+) any level with one archer or high Courage or high Strategy (120+) and at least (level 50+) with either Archers, Halberdiers, or Charioteers.

Note: You should always spy on a famous city first before invading/conquesting a famous city. This list is not in order, and you should reorder the legends to your best needs.


When engaging a famous city battle, you should use archers against halberdiers, charioteers against swordsmen. Halberdiers for charioteers, and swordsmen for archers. The reason for the one archer is to lower the troops you will have the most trouble with and use an artifact that will lower the troops by five, ten, or twelve percent.

Occupying a famous city

In order to occupy a famous city, you will need to lower the loyalty to zero and accumulate nine attacks. The first eight attacks are for lowering the loyalty to zero and the final attack is to occupy the city. When attacking a famous city held by an NPC, the troops automatically replenish themselves between attacks.


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