Famous Legends

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A famous legend is a legend with a minimum ability points of 30 to the current maximum of 60 (some make exceptions though - Li Jing has 20 ability points, until you find the Heart, which you then exchange for a sacred leaf, which boosts his ability up to 41). These legends are leaders of exceptional quality, and must be recruited through special means. Some famous legends are characters in Fengshen Yanyi (The Investiture of the Gods), a fantasy novel written during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644 AD)

E Shun, a typical famous legend obtained from the Special Paradise.

Most players will get their first famous legend via a Tongzi Token. This, when opened, will give the player one of three famous female legends with 30 ability (Skylark, Golden Lark and Biqiao Tongzi).

Characteristics of famous legends

  • Unique name which cannot be changed
  • Unique image (usually)
  • Unique Titles (usually)
  • Requires double the normal fee per hour
  • Higher stats (CA, MA, Def., etc.)
  • Other exceptional qualities (i.e. high number of troops, etc.)
  • Special, FengShen tower ability