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Asdf54111 had been a long term player in the RTS-MMO genre. He misses his WOL days and wishes to re-create a game with similar mechanics, and a game that he can personally play in.

Here is a list of FAQ regarding game development and other administrative stuff. I wish everyone that is interested in the project is on the same page how this project will be run.

Asdf54111 is a working on a hobby

This project is Asdf54111's hobby. His studies, research, teaching duties, family commitments and other stuff come first. All forward looking statements are speculative and they may very well never materialized [Looks at amount of early access in steam and the number of them got abandoned half way -- WoM isn't even remotely near that stage]. He does intend to work on the project, but his other commitments will come first.

Trying to hire Asdf54111 to work on WoM full time?

Asdf54111 will remain as a full time graduate student for the near and foreseeable future. Asdf54111 is not available for hire in the immediate future, and does not plan on being the next Bill Gates/ Mark Zuckerberg (dropping out of my studies). Asdf5411 will consider opportunities after graduation, but it will be at least four years.

Energy Wall / Time gates

They won't be in the game period. Why? Asdf54111 thinks they are just poor game mechanics designed to leach money.

Cash Shop

Asdf54111 have no foreseeable plans of doing a MTX shop. It is just too much work and hassle for a single developer, plus taking money for items means Asdf5411 will need to spent time to ensure such digital goods are actually delivered, work as intended, fulfill all implicate warranties etc..... And the time is just better spent developing the game instead. Furthermore Asdf54111 hate the concept of P2W, so you will never be able to buy progress or advantage in a game under the supervision of Asdf54111. Asdf54111 is willing to consider having some kind of MTX system for skins, or some kind of subscription model for QoL automation, but it will not happen in the near future. If you wish the support the game and Asdf54111's efforts, please consider sending him a donation then asking for a shop.

Farms and Alts

Tldr; Farms = No, Alts = Tolerated

  1. Asdf54111 have declared a war on farms. They add nothing to the community and leach server resources. Game play will be modified to create an environment hostile to farming. Farming will not be lucrative and what you can do on farms you can do on your main. Dailies (if available) will be consist of items that won't be transferable.
  2. Second accounts(Alts) that are played to try out different fractions / game play is tolerated, but it should not (and cannot) be used to gain in game befits for the other accounts.

Balance and Game Progression

Balance and Game Progression is two very distinct concept. Some content such as 60 AB legends won't be readily accessible until endgame, but that does not mean the game isn't balanced. However, ensure that plays would be able to beat content when they arrived to the stage would be proper game progression. (Hopefully with the armor rework, it will be addressed) On the other side of spectrum, BM8 isn't balanced as you can't do even do with with endgame legends without huge amount of EE's. Asdf54111 plans to address both.

Give you some kind GP (or whatever that it will be renamed) / In game items for donations

A variant of the cash shop.... Asdf54111 dislike how game have paywalls, systems that players are forced to pay to proceed [Energy system, EE, IAP, etc...], or pay2win. Asdf54111 is fine with games that charge a fee for content, or some kind of membership system, but Asdf54111 really hate games that making spending money as part of the game play.

  1. If you are interested in adding a sponsored legend / equipment / SP / task / FC ..... Asdf54111 is open for it, but you will need to acquire the item the same way everyone does. Asdf54111 reserve to reject any requests that are in his sole discretion will make the game unbalance.
  2. If you truly wish to support development, consider sending Asdf54111 a donation (ex. one without return considerations)

Give you an ETA that is not published

When Asdf54111 is ready to give an ETA you will get one. But if he didn't then it is because he doesn't have enough information to make a judgment yet.

Usage of GPL/BSD license

Asdf54111 does not like either of them. BSD have it fair shares of issues and Asdf54111 is not too much of the fan of the copy-left (GPL) movement. Furthermore Asdf54111 neither have the time or energy to document the code or provide a tutorial on how to configure the game. Asdf54111 has no plans opening a legal hedgehog on the different licenses, and it will simply suck his motivation to do the project.

  1. CWOL source: Asdf54111 neither confirms nor denies that he has the whole original source code. But even if he does, Asdf54111 won't share other people's work. If you have an legally obtained copy of CWOL and wished to decompile it for educational or any purpose allowed by law, Asdf54111 will gladly offer his technical knowledge on how to decompile code.
  2. A significant amount of the work is in configurations and setting up the system environment, Asdf54111 have no plans on making an automatic build/configure tools. Therefore even if the source is obtained, it will not be very useful to anyone that obtains it.
  3. A rant about GPL: GPL the broken is many ways. One of which is that there is no requirements to distribute the modifications, but rather requirements on you when you choose Convey or Propagate. Therefore, third parties modifying the source code are not required to make those changes available to the public. And it is perfectly legal for third parties to profit off of that.
  4. Tldr; Asdf54111 is just hacking a game together. Don't annoy me with your politics about the different licenses (unless you want fund and establish our legal department). I don't mind helping a fellow developer or point them to some resources, but I am not going to waste my time and energy on dealing with repos and maintaining a open source project on what is basically a one person team.

501(c) 3 / Non-profit / Foundation/ Administrative accounting etc

Asdf54111 is making this game as a hobby, and administrative stuff is not fun. Asdf5411 is not planning to make money on this project, and thus this project is a not for profit. Asdf54111 has strong doubts that this game would be able to operate without a deficit. [ WOL folded due to the game being non-profitable]. Asdf54111 will be transparent on his progress on what is doing, but he won't play the CPA for the project. If someone gives him restricted funds and he accepts them, Asdf54111 will demonstrated to them that it is properly used according to donor intent or refund it if is not possible.

  1. The primary purpose of donations to Asdf54111 is allow him to do bigger things then what his hobby budgets allow him to do. If you subtract the current amount of donations received from the expenses incurred up to this point in software licenses (Just look at the price for Creative Cloud suite with student discount), unity asset purchase, server rentals fees, and domain registration fee -- you will get a negative number. Add in federal minimum wage (7.25) for his time and this game will be deep red. If you do NYC minimum wage ($15).......... By the way Asdf54111 does get pay way more tutoring undergrads.
  2. Tldr; Donate and Asdf54111 can do more cool stuff, if you don't want to then don't do it. If you want to play the audit/administrative paper work game, this project is not for you. I got better things to do then that.

What Asdf54111 don't want to do

Asdf54111 is not getting paid for doing it, so won't happen. This is a catch all for anything that he doesn't want to do.