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Template:Cleanup Buildings play an important role in War of Legends as they aid players and their legends. The type of city a player has is usually determined by the quantity of buildings players have in their cities. For example, to speed up troop recruitment, more garrisons are required. And, to increase tax collection, players require a larger population and therefore, more villages.

Players with a high enough position may have several sub-cities designed specifically for a particular goal: troop-building sub-city, gold-generating sub-city, food-producing sub-city, etc.

Types of buildings

Icon Building Description
Main city
Palace Palace The palace is the city's administrative centre and the seat of power.
Village Village Villages provide housing for the city's general population.
Garrison Garrison The garrison is where troops are trained and housed.
Warehouse Warehouse Warehouses are used to protect resources from an invasion.
Parade ground Parade ground The parade ground is where troops are assigned to their leaders.
Legend sanctuary Legend sanctuary The legend sanctuary attracts legends to the city.
Legend pavilion Legend pavilion The legend pavilion provides respite to legends.
Market Market The market allows the trade of goods and resources.
Ally base Ally base The ally base allows players to forge alliances with others.
Smithy Smithy The smithy arms troops and enhances magical weapons.
Armory Armoury The armoury allows production of armaments, especially for archers and charioteers.
Stable Stable The stable trains horses for both military and trade purposes.
Relay base Relay base The relay base hastens the transit of troops and resources.
Spy camp Spy camp The spy camp is both home and base of operations to spies.
Watchtower Watchtower The watchtower can warn players of imminent attack, and helps prevent enemies spy missions.
University University The university conducts research into skills.
City perimeter
Ramparts Ramparts The rampart is a formidable stone wall which fortifies the city against attack.
Cropland Cropland Croplands help increase the production of goods for your city.
Timber mill Timber mill Timber mill speeds up your production of wood.
Quarry Quarry A quarry can speed up the amount of stone you get a hour.
Copper mine Copper mine A copper mine increases the production rate of copper.

Building example

Main article: Building example

When the "Building Progress" button is highlighted, details of buildings currently being built or upgraded appear on the right side of the screen. In the image shown, for example, an Ally base is upgrading from Level 16 to Level 17, with 2 hours, 12 minutes, and 7 seconds remaining until the upgrade is complete.

Building levels

With higher building levels, players unlock extra capabilities for a particular building, such as recruiting better troops (Garrison), searching or holding more legends (Legend sanctuary and Legend pavilion), or sending more resources (Stable). In normal cities, the level is capped at 20, although once a player reaches the position of Civic Guardian or Civic Custodian, they have the ability to make all their cities and skills updated to level 25/30 respectfully, although outposts can only be maxed up to 25 and still require Adv. Sketches. If the player has a famous cities, the level cap is 25 for Zhou and Barbarians, and 30 for Shang, however this only applies to the Famous City itself.

At specific building levels, the colour of the level changes:

Green: 0 10
Blue: 11 15
Purple: 16 20
Orange: 21 30